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What is The Museum of Ideas?

Ideas mingle souls.

The Museum of Ideas is a registered LLC experimenting with a model to uplift and promote thinkers and ideas.


The people who find their way to The Museum of Ideas are curious and gather around others who are ready to reimagine things. They are the creators of the narratives that will help us envision and build the future we want to inhabit. At the pace of exploration, these creators experiment with ideas that just might change the world (or our universe.) In slow time, they meet, to muse, ponder, discuss and share the ideas that are being born.  


The space is about nourishing thought, growth of creativity and spirit, newness, and re-imagination.

All projects in progress represent input from a range of leaders, creators, inventors, thinkers, students, entrepreneurs, artists and other imaginative minds.  

If you are here, welcome. In the grand scheme of things, we're just getting started.


Ongoing Activations

  • The Moon Gallery 48 interviews with thinkers about their ideas will be sent to the moon fall 2024; The Moon Gallery is a series of fifteen-minute interviews with the thinkers whose emerging ideas are the seeds and the sparks that will pivot our narratives for the future. Zoom-based for now, all thinkers respond to the same questions; an invitation to think about the art of an idea.
  • 200 Thinkers and Ideas this project will continue the momentum of the Moon Gallery contributing to a growing gallery of the ideas of our time.

  • The Museum of Ideas Substack insights repository for Museum content coming soon.

  • The Museum of Ideas Store offers a selection of goods with an aim to support and promote The Museum.

  • Tools and Resources Informed by a developing stream of content —books, reports and other forms of wisdom will emerge as the project does. 

  • Services See Services page.

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The Museum of Ideas is born. 

I launched The Museum of Ideas from my sunroom couch as a series of essays with an open mind about what it might become.


The first "Conversation on The Blue Couch" essay "What if There Can Be a Better Us in Space?" is published. The Conversations on the Blue Couch series explores strategic 'What if' possibilities with thinkers and everyday experts.

The Impermanence Project on Instagram begins and continues to evolve. Is there a message? I'll leave it to you to read between the lines. But you may as well visit. 





The Museum's publication How Might Spirituality Shape the Metaverse? is quoted in the Psychology Today publication Let's Get Metaphysical.





As a volunteer founding member of QCollective I contribute to 10 Moral Questions: how to design tech and AI responsibly. The book is launched in Q1 2024 in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum Event. The book is not a product of The Museum but the effort is adjacent and supports The Museum's mission to promote ethical leadership. Listen to the Pondering AI Podcast for my take on the book.

I co-curate an exhibition that culminates in The___Object for a team I admire; House of Beautiful Business, at their annual festival in Sintra, Portugal.





The idea for The Museum of Ideas moon gallery of ideas is born in Davos, Switzerland. The Museum of Ideas launches a series of ideas interviews with innovative thinkers that will be included in LifeShip's moon capsule mission October 2024.

The Museum is registered as an LLC.

The 200 Thinkers and Ideas project is born.

Select services added (see services page.)

As 'all good things take time,' I expect to continue to experiment with this project and know that with your investment and support it will continue to evolve. 

I hope you are as curious as I am to see what it will become.

To ideas!


Shannon Mullen O'Keefe

Founder and Chief Curator, The Museum of Ideas

Illustration from Edwin D. Babbitt’s The Principles of Light and Color (1878) — Source.

The Principles of Light & Color.jpeg


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