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to an exhibit of the future through the lens of (human) imagination.

Exploring emerging thought and promoting (human) creators, thinkers, and their ideas.


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The Museum of Ideas is a place that acquires, conserves, researches, communicates, and exhibits the tangible and imaginable benefits of deep thinking. This is a conversation building around wise minds, creative souls, contradicting narratives and ideas revelations. 

The space embraces the art of thought and ideas in emerging galleries of conversations that engage, preserve, and promote thinkers and creators and the art of thinking and ideas.​

You might call this project a 'museum of the mind,'--or even a 'museum of what's possible.' 

I invite you to visit the 'About' page to learn more about The Museum and work in progress.

​I hope you are as curious as I am to see what this will become.

To ideas,

--Shannon Mullen O'Keefe 

Chief Curator, The Museum of Ideas


I'm glad you're here.



The Moon Capsule Interviews July - October 2024



Ideas mingle souls

Starting midsummer 2024, expect regular updates from the frontlines of curiosity.




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