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Welcome.  I'm glad you’re here.


I launched The Museum of Ideas out of my love for deep thinking and I continue to explore what it will become.  The concept of having a place to house ideas inspires me as I operate from a place of curiosity and I love to engage in conversations with thinkers. I especially love to ask questions that force us to dig a little deeper and to look at things a little differently--with imagination and creativity.

I expect this place to be a base from which to collaborate with leaders and thinkers and everyday experts of all kinds to acquire, conserve, research, communicate and exhibit the tangible and imaginable benefits of deep thinking. The kind of thinking prompted by questions that ask us to wonder about the world and our place in it, and that will inspire us to build better futures for ourselves, our constituencies, our communities, and our companies.


In addition to content you find here, also consider visiting my Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. You will find my reflections and wonderings about things that I am most interested in like leadership, business leadership, culture, workplace culture, values, ethics and our future--with a little awe-seeking, magical thinking, poetry and philosophy sprinkled in here and there. 

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will check in often to watch the project evolve. I too, am curious to witness what it will become.


Warmly, -- Shannon


Photo © Beowulf Sheehan

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More about my work


A lover of wisdom, I'm dedicated to imagining what we can build and achieve together. 

The projects I dedicate my time to are about leadership, culture, ethics and using our imaginations, creativity and ideas to activate possibilities and narratives that will help us to create and inspire our best tomorrows together.

If you are interested to learn about my perspective I invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile where I regularly contribute my thinking about leadership.  I have also published on, and in The Startup, Curious, OneZero, the Journal of Beautiful Business,, and

As an active executive leader, I currently serve as the Board President for a local nature-based nonprofit organization for which I recently served as the Interim Executive Director.  I've loved my opportunity to lead with an organization with a mission to provide a place where people can experience and enjoy the quiet wild of nature. 


I also currently contribute my time to the world's largest technical and professional standards organization--IEEE--as a contributing author to the Planet Positive 2030 compendium report.  The initiative aims to identify technology solutions "that we need to design, implement and deploy to increase resiliency and regeneration of our natural ecosystems." Please see my recent remarks on behalf our our chapter committee delivered at Stanford University for this project here (See Day 2, 2:29:38.)

I received my bachelor’s degree in political science from Creighton University. I received a master’s degree in law and diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University; my program included coursework at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the Harvard Business School. I also earned certifications in leadership and management and strategic management and international consultancy from Tufts University.

In my earlier career I served as a leader to a global team of workplace consultants for years and I've held posts in Irvine, CA, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bangkok; Mexico City; and Princeton, New Jersey.

'Our own life has to be our message.' --Thich Nhat Hanh


Let's connect. What if there is an opportunity for us to make a difference together? 

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