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I employ storytelling to promote artists, entrepreneurial efforts, and executives. In other words, I help you pick words to tell a story. Paraphrasing the author Jamaica Kincaid, storytelling in words isn't always about following the rules of grammar---there is a place for rules, of course--when there is a red light in the intersection, for example. But in the art of storytelling, the use of words can be about getting the point across. There can be an artsy way for words to appear.

Find an example of my style here and here.

If this is your vibe, let's connect.


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I'd also be delighted to facilitate a discussion or group conversation about ideas and imagination, team culture, or technology ethics in your organization. 


This advisory and copywriting service supports The Museum's mission to promote emerging creators, thinkers and ideas.

Please tell me how you think I may be of help to you.


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