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What is a Conversation on the Blue Couch?

Let's be honest.


The Blue Couch is an imaginary place.


Well, actually, it is an actual couch at a favorite place of mine--a local Juicery. So, if you were here, I'd love to sit down with you on the actual couch to have an actual conversation. A real dialogue about something of interest to both of us.  The kind of exchange of words and thoughts that might force both of us to think, rethink, ideate, create, wonder, ponder, this sort of thing.


But, for the sake of The Museum of Ideas, The Blue Couch is also an imaginary place---in the museum--a place to imagine what is possible.  So it serves that same purpose, but just virtually. It is a place for free thinking, to mull over ideas and to consider the best kind of 'what ifs.'  It is a place to have the kind of 'what if,' conversations that might help us to imagine our best futures. It is a place to think, rethink, ideate, create, wonder, ponder about what just might be possible . . .


I love to have these sorts of conversations with leaders and thinkers and everyday experts of all kinds. I especially love to partner with leaders and thinkers and everyday experts to ink these ideas into articles to share with the world in the hope that an idea within--an idea that you and I have refined through the art of conversation--- may help to make our world a little or a lot better.

If you are this sort of leader or thinker or everyday expert and have these sorts of ideas to think through, reach out! Let's have a conversation.

What is your 'What if?'

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