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Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to the quality per se. -- Charles Eames, Designer

Here are links to inspiring thinkers and ideas. Images via The Louisiana Channel, The New York Times and Jane Booth Studios.

The Louisiana Channel Feature on Sheila Hicks reviewing Sonia Delauney's work.

"Mighty powerful and mighty brave. Someone who had their idea and followed it through so bravely." Sheila Hicks on Sonia Delauney for The Louisiana Channel.

Image via The Louisiana Channel

The New York Times article by Danish photographer Søren Solkær.

"From geometric to organic, from solid to fluid, from material to ethereal, from reality to a dream: This is the moment I attempt to capture — a mere fragment of eternity." --Søren Solkær, Danish photographer.


Image via The New York Times

The intriguing process videos by the artist Jane Booth.

Her process videos offer line of sight into something beautiful -- thought in action.

Image via Jane Booth Studios