The Museums That Inspire...

Ideas take shape in thought and image and voice and place.

Below find a listing of places -- more museums --  that contain everything from empathy, to innocence, to dreams, to stories and broken relationships.  

As I operate from a place of curiosity I am fascinated with the contents of each. 

If it was you who introduced me to the museum, who invited me in, I'm deeply grateful.  



Someone recently inspired me to visit Sharon Sliwinki and team's The Museum of Dreams. I find it to be inspiring. They describe it "as a hub for exploring the social and political significance of dream-life." Image credit: The Museum of Dreams


"The Museum of Innocence, created by Orhan Pamuk, is a small museum in Instanbul made up of carefully assembled installations which describes the memories and meanings associated with the objects from daily life described in the author's eponymous novel." Image credit: The Museum of Innocence



"Mmuseumm is a style of storytelling about the modern world. It is Object Journalism.

Mmuseumm 2021 features hundreds of objects organized into 17 world-wandering exhibitions exploring the nature of power in modern society." Image credit: MMuseumm


"Empathy Museum’s exhibits are conceived by Clare Patey, an award-winning artist and curator who devises participatory installations, performances and exhibitions. She also created the Museum Of, The Ministry of Trying to Do Something About It and Feast on the Bridge for the Thames Festival." Image Credit: The Empathy Museum